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Goddess Peace

Dear souls, I am Internationally known professional psychic since 2002 holding a professional experience of almost 15 years in Astrology, Numerology, and have been working as a Medium and  clairvoyant too. I am also an Empath, at times a remote viewer and telepathic. I specialize in love & relationships, career, lost & found, finances, dream interpretations, past life regressionist, energy connection and picking up on current state of mind of an individual.

a. Clairvoyant & Medium
b. Astrology
c. Numerology
d. Empath
I am straight forward, I give what I get, I don’t filter, alter or try to piece anything together. even though sometimes what I know is hard to swallow and/or accept. But like everything else on this crazy train we call life, “it is what it is.”  I am a down to earth, friendly woman who has integrity, is respectful, truthful, authentic, genuine, and real. By birth I can see the things nearly going to happen. I always live in positive energies and play with negative energies to attract towards me turning them into positive too. I give personal attention to people hunting for the true directions in their life.

Astrology can be understood as a philosophy that helps to explain life, rather than a type of mysticism that can be used as a predictive tool. Instead of discussing what the planets do to us, we can explain ourselves based on planetary indications. The signs work the same way: Each of the 12 signs is a unique combination of one of the four Elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water -- and one of the three Qualities -- Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable. The Elements and Qualities demonstrate that we are all part of the environment. There is a connection between all living things and all matter on this planet. Astrology ties humans together: We are all faced with the same planetary interactions, and we are all part of the same cycles.....

This is really true that numerology is a miracle. Every person's moment of birth and moment of death is planned and the joining of several moments between the two is also planned, as our destiny will have us believe. Thus the thinkers of your have decided on a number for each one of us. Not only this but each number has a certain character and certain characteristics. Because of numerology we obtain knowledge of several things and have several benefits. We can do a self analysis with the help of numerology. We come to know of our own identity. We can progress as a person. We build on our own self trust. No problem is too large for us. We easily win over any difficulty. 

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