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Hello and good wishes to all!  I am Rose, a natural born empath, medium, and soothing healer.  I enjoy helping others in their time of need and I would like to help you see the obstacles that stand in the way or your success in love, money, and life. 
My medium abilities are being able to channel the energy of those within the spirit world and receiving their messages which usually come to me in the form of pictures.  This is usually the way your loved ones choose to communicate with me and I can help them to portray what it is they wish you to know and also help you to say what you need to so that you can let go of your hurt and loss.
I work closely with the Angel Guides to help you find the true way of your own personal path.  I do this through the use of Angel Cards and my abilities as an empath.  Your Angels will never guide you poorly and these readings can be very uplifting for a torn soul.
We can also do a Rune reading, if you prefer.  I use the Elder Futhark set in order to help answer your questions from the Divine.  A Rune reading can be very deep and meaningful and can also help you understand yourself in ways you may currently be blocked from.

I'm also a good listener.  Sometimes this truly is what a person needs.  You must let go of what is holding you back to become the person you are meant to be.   

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