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Heleen: "Violet, she made me calm and give me allot of advice and support i was really surpriced thanks for this reading and i will meed you again soon!"
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1 credit p.m.

Psychic Christina

Psychic and Coach Christina, Is your life passing you by ? Are you so focused on your dreams that you are forgetting to enjoy every day to the fullest and be happy ........

Tarot Cards
1 credit p.m.


Happiness eludes you and always seems out of reach, and the need to make certain decisions has become the cause of never ending concern,...

Psychic expert
Life coach
1 credit p.m.

Charismatic Clairvoyant

I an a natural psychic expert.I can guide you for love & relationships.(Finding compatiable partner,meeting your soulmate,cheating of your partner,saving the relationship

Engelen contact
1 credit p.m.

Medium Mahesh

My name is Mahesh. I work with my Guides and Angels and with the help of them I am able to advise and guide you as well in your difficult life questions.

Love Expert
1 credit p.m.

Magnificent Soul

Psychic Love Expert - 9 Years of Experience I am a natural and professional psychic counsellor and healer as well as a love and relationship specialist. My natural ....

Spirit Guides
Clairvoyant English
1 credit p.m.

Angelic Mysta

A deeply caring & compassionate 3RD generation natural psychic,a spiritual healer and a relationship expert. My natural abilities include being able to connect with the ......

Love & Relationship
Soul mate Connections
Reuniting loved ones
1 credit p.m.

Love Angel

I am a Psychic advisor with over 35 years’ experience in guiding clients through their life and love situations. I am able to catch a glimpse into your future and help .......

1 credit p.m.

Paragnost Carla

I'm Carla a medium that can help and can take a look for the upcoming 3 months in your life! I provide intuitive guidance on all manner of subjects, from love life......

Spiritual Healer
Love & Relationship Expert
1 credit p.m.


I am Spiritually Gifted with eternal and blissful knowledge and holding appx. 5 years of experience as a Psychic Expert and a Healer.

Relationship Expert
Spiritual Counselor
1 credit p.m.


Natural Born Empath: I can feel what you feel and tap into your emotions and the emotions of others giving clarity as to what motives the people in your life to .....

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