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Home Paragnostenchat. Welcome on Psychic Chat where you can start a spiritual chat online of quality and affordability. All our spiritual counselors are qualified and have multiple spiritual gifts. Every day, mediums, psychics, coaches and therapists are ready to provide you with clear and sincere answers immediately. If you want to know how to start a spiritual chat. Go to the page Important. Before a chat, read the General Terms and Conditions. Would you rather have a telephone consultation? Choose

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Maria: "incredible, very accurate, arlette connected with me at a deep level and was accurate in her reportings of what she found."
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Truthful Insights

Here is your chance to connect with your own personal psychic, you will get a very friendly behavior and environment to share your personal problems without any hesitation.
1 credit p.m.

The Last Hope

Psychic service, where I specialize in offering insightful guidance and clarity in matters of love and relationships. My dedicated vision and experienced Approach .....
1 credit p.m.
Spiritual guidance

Marry Marry

I will tune into the truth of your situation for your healing. I will use intuitive abilities, spiritual guidance and healing to help direct you on your path and help .....
1 credit p.m.
Tarot cards


Tools that can guide us as we chat are tarot cards, oracle cards, the pendulum and Reiki. A combination of the above-mentioned is also possible.
1 credit p.m.
Spirit Guides
Clairvoyant English

Angelic Mysta

A deeply caring & compassionate 3RD generation natural psychic,a spiritual healer and a relationship expert. My natural abilities include being able to connect with the ......
1 credit p.m.
Tarot cards


I am a medium, psychic and life coach. I work with Lenormand cards, Tarot cards, Archetype cards, Astrology and Human Design.
1 credit p.m.

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Online spiritual chat of quality and affordability

There are times in our lives when we desperately want to ask for someone's help. Because we don't know it at all anymore. This can happen from one moment to the next. Years together with your partner and discovering that he or she is cheating on you. As if the ground disappears under your feet. or not being able to find a sincere partner.

You may get stuck. Through fear, stress and despair. Then you want to meet someone during a conversation. But with whom? Then there is a greater chance that a spiritual one will be the right one. And if you are looking for a skilled and experienced medium, then you will find Psychic Chat. Where a spiritual conversation is not only high-quality but also very affordable.
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  • All spiritual counselors have years of experience
  • They are qualified in mediumship
  • Chatting at Psychic Chat is very affordable
  • There are always more than enough coaches, therapists and mediums present
  • You can go there day and night
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Psychic chat works with an account. On the basis of which you can buy the credits in a safe environment. With which you can start a spiritual chat. Creating an account costs nothing. for which you have a credit balance. Can you choose a spiritual consultant? Do this based on your feeling and start the chat.