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Astro Guru

Welcome, do you have any questions about love, relationships, career, or your life in general? Let me guide you to see the truth and achieve your goals.

I'm a psychic, clairvoyant, professional astrologer, numerologist & Tarot card reader with 10 years of experience in guiding people in all kinds of areas of their lives.

It's my mission to give you insights and clarity on any matter you're dealing with.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!



Kristina :
Thank you so much Guru! Al je voorspellingen zijn uitgekomen, ik kan het niet geloven. Je bent zoooo goed. Raad iedereen aan om met je te chatten. Thanks hugs xx

truly a wonderful person, offer a listening ear, give me good advice in gloomy days, Guru brings sunlight. Thank you Guru!

Bloempje :
You were right i have the date. Next week Yeahhhhh.

Astro Guru een van m’n favoriete medium. Eerlijk en oprecht. Bedankt tot snel!

Super !! Alles wat hij zegt klopte ik blijf bij Astro terug komen het is een soort van vertrouwenspersoon voor mij geworden. Hij geeft me altijd goed advies en zijn voorspelling zijn echt uitgekomen !!

Astro Guru is great! Knows a lot! My last review didn’t come through

Very very good! Can see a lot about your situation and i hope everything comes true!

Astro guru is super good!! Types fast and calms me down. I hope it all comes true xxx

Celia :
Voorspelling van astro is uitgekomen, alles klopt, aanrader dank je wel

Dear Astro guru thank u for all your readings. All your predictions came true, I am truly amazed. Greetings

Ik spreek Astro Guru sinds een tijdje en ik ben erg tevreden over hem. Hij is erg vriendelijk en accuraat en tot nu toe is 1 voorspelling inmiddels uitgekomen (verhuizing) en zelfs het aantal slaapkamers klopte exact. Bij diverse issues stelt hij mij gerust en hij kan de actuele situatie erg goed schetsen. Hij is een fijn, prettig en rustgevend persoon en ik zal hem de volgende keer weer raadplegen!

The Hague:
I just had a consult and although I keep asking the same question, he gives me the comfort I need. He is self-conscious, patience and takes the time for you. Also he comes across as a very nice guy and he is there for you to help out with any situation. Although it remains to be seen whether his insights will come true but based on the information he gave to me, most of it is spot on! Apart from that he is also uplifting. I do have experience with other psychic mediums here on this platform but their answers are so general without giving much insight and some of them offer nothing but Astro Guru does. I truly recommend Astro Guru, he is absolutely one of my top 3 three here on this platform. By the way, don`t be put off by the English language, it`ll be fine!

Astro Guru should have more reviews because this man is so good at empathizing with situations. He is one of my favorite mediums here on this platform. He is very honest in his answers and he even mentions situations that I didn`t ask for but that are 100% correct! He is a top guy, is very nice and relaxed, communicates very well in English and types quickly. No nonsense and you can really expect the answers from him that you want to hear or maybe don`t want to hear, but he is honest and also gives you good advise to continue and/or handle with your personal situation. More than 5 stars is more appropriate, to my opinion!

He is so good. Right to the point and uplifting????????

Bloempje :
Thank you for the reading. You were correct about the love. Thank you very much. Xxx

wendy :
Voorspelling is uitgekomen, dank je wel, ik kom zeker weer terug. Kan heel goed invoelen.

Very happy with the reading, he is honest, fast and warm person to talk about everything. Thank you for the great chat. Keep up the good work! To be continued with the ladies! Xx

hij is very good!!

Really good reading regarding love life. Waiting for predictions to come out. Thank you.

Nice consult, coult tell everything. Thank you.

I only gave my name and birth date and astro guru could tell me everything about me. In a short time, I got so much information, I am impressed. I will let you know when predictions come true. I will definitely come back. Thank you very much.

Wow I had an amazing consult with Astro guru. Spot on and could tell me exactly what was going on with the person. Highly recommended.

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